Automate 3rd party data processing to
provide deep insights at a lower cost

Integrating 3rd party datasets for richer insights with Databricks

Integrate and blend 3rd party data with your own data to provide deeper insights, and automatically process and
ingest updates while controlling your costs


Benefits Include

Start Fast: Get integrated datasets quickly with pre-built Databricks Notebooks to provide actionable insights

Automate Management: Store, sync and manage your data automatically

Add Machine Learning: Tap into the leading data science platform and share data with analysts for viewing

Sample Use Cases

Weather Data: Get weather data to provide relevant ads to consumers or to drive business decisions such as resource deployment.

Customer Data: Get additional customer data to track purchases, purchase locations, demographic and behavioural data to help you better understand and segment your customer base

Business Data: Get business data to pinpoint competitor locations, revenue, and target market populations.

Building Reliable Data Pipelines for Machine Learning at SafeGraph

SafeGraph creates and sells datasets for market analysis, competitive analysis, trade area analysis, and real estate site selection. They went through many iterations and learning to arrive at a solution that enables them to run reliable, high-speed data pipelines that drive their machine learning algorithms. Join us for this webinar and hear Ryan Fox Squire, Data Scientist at SafeGraph, discuss how they have reduced their processing time down 95% from before, and optimized model training to process the full dataset in 30 minutes instead of 6 hours on a sample.

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Getting Third Party Data

Databricks partners with a number of third party data providers, and Databricks Is an active member of the AWS Data Exchange.

Getting Started

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to Integrating third party data sets. How will I get It formatted to match my data? How will I handle updates? How do I keep my costs down?

Databricks provide pre-created Notebooks that show you the way. Read this blog post and learn how you can get started.