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Engage Shoppers at Every Interaction

Harness the power of big data and AI to deepen customer insights and deliver tailored shopping experiences that captivate customers across every channel

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Innovating Retail with Unified Analytics

Built by the original creators of Apache Spark™, the Databricks Unified Analytics Platform enables retailers and ecommerce companies 
to easily build, scale, and deploy machine learning models in minutes, leading to better customer experiences that convert.

Personalize Recommendations

Use machine learning to mine clickstream, purchase and customer data to provide targeted recommendations that drive lifetime value

Optimize Pricing and Promotions

Improve promo conversion by using 
big data to serve the right ad, at the right time, 
to the right person, on the right device

Fight Retail Fraud

Prevent credit card fraud, cyberattacks and other illicit activities by detecting anomalous behavior with real-time analytics and AI


Better Serve Your Customers 
with Data Science at Scale

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AI in the retail industry


Overstock Creates AI-Powered One-to-One Marketing Machine

Learn how Overstock tackled the challenge of building a powerful One-to-One marketing engine that would bring a personalized shopping experience to their customers using Databricks on AWS.


Rue Gilt Groupe Increases Purchase Engagement by 10x

Learn how Rue Gilt Groupe leveraged Databricks on AWS to accelerate query speeds by 60% and speed-up iterative model development, leading to increased shopper engagement and purchase behavior

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From Batch to Real Time: Overstock Unifies Analytics

Chris Robison, Lead Data Scientist at Overstock, shares innovations in building a successful marketing technology infrastructure for instantaneous individualized shopping experiences

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Build a ML Pipeline to Predict Advertising Click Rates

Learn how to build an end-to-end pipeline capable of analyzing large volumes of clickstream and advertising data to predict whether or not a customer will click on an ad impression

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"Working in Databricks is like getting a seat in first class. It’s just the way flying (or data science-ing) should be."

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Mary Clair Thompson, Data Scientist,

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