Customer Case Study: Dish Network - Databricks

Dish Network

Customer Case Study

Dish Network

A pioneer of the pay-TV industry, DISH has 12 million customers using its satellite television and Sling TV services. In addition to television, DISH offers targeted advertising solutions and is building a Narrowband Internet-of-Things wireless network, the foundation of a standalone 5G network.

Vertical Use Case

  • Predict subscriber churn

Technical Use Case

  • Ingest/ETL
  • Machine Learning

The Challenges

  • Legacy Infrastructure Slow and Complex: It was difficult to scale and manage infrastructure
  • Poor Collaboration Due to Team Siloes: Data scientists in different locations were working in disjointed and unproductive ways.

The Solution

Databricks provides DISH with a unified analytics platform that enables them to predict which customers were in danger of unsubscribing and should be given “white glove” customer service.

  • Automated Infrastructure: Fully managed, serverless cloud infrastructure for speed, cost control and elasticity.
  • Interactive Workspace: Make collaboration easy and seamless across teams and multiple programming languages to accelerate data science productivity.
  • Simplified ML Lifecycle: MLflow allows DISH to streamline the entire ML lifecycle.

The Results

  • Faster job times: Regardless of job size, the data processing time was reduced by 50 percent
  • Cost Savings: With more efficient provisioning of resources, DISH reduced data processing costs by 35 percent.

Databricks is a simple, reliable, and effective solution for executing all aspects of data utilization in the cloud.

Bobby Sidelko, Data Science Manager, Dish Network