Women in Unified
Data Analytics

The Role of Education, Transparency and Diversity in Tackling Bias in AI

Panel Discussion

Wednesday, November 18 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM GMT

Please join us virtually for a Women in Unified Data Analytics panel discussion at Data + AI Summit Europe and hear from female leaders from Quby, Bouygues Construction, and Illimity Bank.

Come hear how these leaders in data and AI see the role of data professionals in educating the general public around the risks of AI, demystifying data science, and addressing racism and prejudice in AI.

This event is for Data + AI Summit attendees only, but Summit general admission is free. Sign up today to reserve your spot!


Ellissa Verseput

Machine Learning Engineer, Quby

Ellissa Verseput is a machine learning engineer at Quby, a leading company offering data-driven home services technology. In this role, she is responsible for developing end-to-end data-driven services to enable commodity suppliers, such as utilities and insurance companies, to play a dominant role in the home services domain. Thanks to her previous experience in software and data engineering, she enjoys robust productionizing and building bridges between data science and her colleagues from other disciplines at Quby. Ellissa has a master’s degree in econometrics and operations research and has been working in the IT and data science field since 2016.

Estelle Lorant

Data Scientist, Bouygues Construction

Estelle Lorant is a data scientist with the innovation team Tunnel Lab from Bouygues Travaux Publics. Prior to Bouygues Travaux Publics, she was a data scientist at Olcya, a consulting company specialized in big data infrastructure. She has also worked as a data analyst on meteorological data satellites at the Institut Pierre Simon Laplace for the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS). She holds a master’s in satellite remote sensing applied to environment and a bachelor’s in physics from Pierre and Marie Curie University now known as Sorbonne University.

Andrea Gojakovic

Data Engineer, Illimity Bank

Andrea Gojakovic is a Data Engineer at illimity bank, a cloud-native new paradigm bank, based in Milan, Italy. Her role requires the design, development and maintenance of data pipelines as well as supporting business stakeholders in all their data-related needs. She has been working as a data professional in the financial services industry since 2017. She holds an MSc degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Belgrade as well as an MSc in Biomedical Engineering from Politecnico of Milano.

Marijse van den Berg

Solutions Architect, Databricks

Marijse is a solutions architect at Databricks where she helps customers develop big data solutions, enables them to work with Spark and Databricks, and sees them through the implementation of production systems. Prior to working for Databricks, she worked as a data scientist at Capgemini where she was involved with customers in various industries, including fashion, sports and finance. She has also worked as a carbon and compliance analyst at Engie. She holds a master’s degree in carbon finance from the University of Edinburgh Business School and a bachelor of science degree from University College Roosevelt, part of Utrecht University.


Christopher Rapaport

Director of EMEA Value Acceleration, Databricks

Christopher joined Databricks in April 2020 to build the EMEA Value Acceleration team and help our customers understand the real quantifiable value that their data and AI projects are delivering to their business. Christopher’s background is with SaaS and marketing agencies specifically focused on driving operational efficiencies across the retail, luxury and manufacturing sectors.

Women Keynote Speakers

Mae Jemison
First woman of color in the world
to go into space, former
NASA astronaut

Dr. Kira Radinsky
AI and Predictive Analytics in

Brooke Wenig
Machine Learning Practice Lead

Caryl Yuhas
Sr. Manager, Field Engineering

Kasey Uhlenhuth
Sr. Product Manager

Lin Qiao
Engineering Director, PyTorch, Facebook

Prof. Jennifer Chayes
Software Engineer

Sarah Bird

Principal Program Manager

Speakers from other Sessions happening at Summit

Provides Ng
Architect and Researcher, UCL

Petra Kaferle Devisschere
Data Scientist, Adaltas

Adriana Menegozzo
Data Scientist, Data Insights Gmbh

Chip Huyen
ML Engineer and Open Source Lead, Snorkel AI

Kaoula Ghribi
Cloud/Data Engineer, SNCF

Suganthi Dewakar
Software Engineer, Facebook

Brooke Wenig
Graduated and worked in eBay’s Data Platform org

Asha Poulose
VP Data and Analytics, GE Healthcare

Ivana Pejeva
Data Scientist, element61

Holly Smith
Senior Solutions Consultant, Databricks

Prajakta Kalmegh
Principal Engineer, Unravel Data

Naomi Kingu
Lecturer, University of KwaZulu Natal

Adi Polak

Sr. Software Engineer, Microsoft

Paula Ta-Shma
Research Staff Member, IBM

Shivangi Srivastava
Senior Engineering Manager, Informatica

Sneha Chokshi
Lead Data Scientist, MIQ Digital India Pvt Ltd.

Vini Jaiswal
Customer Success Engineer, Databricks