Manufacturing Experience
at Data + AI Summit 2021

This is an amazing year for data teams in the Manufacturing industry. Check out our full Manufacturing experience at Data + AI Summit to see what we have in store.

Manufacturing Industry Forum

Don’t miss our Manufacturing keynote with industry leader John Deere. Hear first hand how they are unlocking greater yields for their customers via precision agriculture using AI to unlock the value of the millions of data points generated from their machines around the globe every single day.

Gregory Finch

Senior Principal Software Engineer, Intelligent Solutions Group

Jake Sankey

Technical Product Manager, Enterprise Data & Analytics Platforms

Manufacturing Talks at
Data + AI Summit

We have a full agenda of Manufacturing talks taking place at Data + AI Summit. Here are some of our favorites:

Manipulating Geospatial Data at Massive Scale

John Deere ingests petabytes of precision agriculture data every year from its customers’ farms across the globe. In order to scale our data science efforts globally, our data scientists need to perform geospatial analysis on our data lake in an efficient and scalable manner. In this talk, we will describe some of the methods our data engineering team developed for efficient geospatial queries including:

  • Leveraging Quadtree spatial indexing to partition our Delta Lake tables
  • Extending the Spark Catalyst Optimizer to perform efficient geospatial joins in our data lake

Company: John Deere
SpeakersCharcey Petersen, Software Engineer, John Deere | Justin Morse, Staff Software Engineer, John Deere

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Analytics-enabled Experiences: The new secret weapon

Tracking and analyzing how our individual products come together has always been an elusive problem for Steelcase. Our problem can be thought of in the following way: “we know how many Lego pieces we sell, yet we don’t know what Lego set our customers buy.” The Data Science team took over this initiative, which resulted in an evolution of our analytics journey. It is a story of innovation, resilience, agility and grit.

Company: Steelcase
Speakers: Jorge Lozano, Manager, Steelcase | Kevin Tian, Scientist, Steelcase

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NLP-focused applied ML at scale for global fleet analytics

Equipment maintenance log of the global fleet is traditionally maintained using legacy infrastructure and data models, which limit the ability to extract insights at scale. However, to impact the bottom line, it is critical to ingest and enrich global fleet data to generate data-driven guidance for operations. The impact of such insights is projected to be millions of dollars per annum.

Company: ExxonMobil
Speakers: Sumeet Trehan, Director Applied Machine Learning, ExxonMobil

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Delivering Insights from 20M+ Smart Homes with 500M+ devices

We started out processing big data using AWS S3, EMR clusters, and Athena to serve Analytics data extracts to Tableau BI.

Company: Plume Design, Inc
Speakers: Sameer Vaidya, Architect , Plume Design Inc.

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