One collaborative hub for all machine learning models

MLflow Model Registry is a collaborative hub where teams can share ML models, work together from experimentation to online testing and production, integrate with approval and governance workflows, and monitor ML deployments and their performance.



Facilitate the sharing of expertise and knowledge about building and deploying machine learning models by making models more discoverable, and providing collaborative features to jointly improve on common ML tasks.


Stay in control of machine learning models by either automatically transitioning a model into production based on predefined conditions, or manually controlling and validating lifecycle stage changes for your models from the experimentation phase to testing and production.


Large enterprises often have thousands of ML models in the experimentation, testing, and production phases at any point in time. The MLflow Model Registry provides full visibility and enables governance of each by keeping track of model history and managing who can approve changes.


Central Repository: Register MLflow models with the MLflow Model Registry. A registered model has a unique name, version, stage, and other metadata.

Model Versioning: Automatically keep track of versions for registered models when updated.

Modellphase: Jeder Modellversion wurden voreingestellte oder benutzerdefinierte Phasen zugewiesen, z. B. „Staging“ und „Produktion“, um den Lebenszyklus eines Modells darzustellen.

Modellstufenübergänge: Erfassen Sie neue Registrierungsereignisse oder -änderungen als Aktivitäten, bei denen Benutzer, Änderungen und zusätzliche Metadaten wie Kommentare automatisch protokolliert werden.

Integration von CI/CD-Workflows: Zeichnen Sie Phasenübergänge auf, fordern Sie Änderungen an, überprüfen und genehmigen Sie sie als Teil von CI/CD-Pipelines, um eine bessere Kontrolle und Steuerung zu gewährleisten.

Model Serving: Quickly serve machine learning models as RESTful APIs for online testing, dashboard updates, etc. on Databricks

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