Data Management, Analytics, and AI at Scale to Protect Securities Markets

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FINRA has developed a platform which processes and analyzes up to 100 billion stock market events per day to identify fraud and wrong doing. We have unified data management and the data lake with more advanced analytics by Databricks for our Data Scientists and Engineers. In basing our platform on the public cloud and open source analytic platforms we benefit from community based innovation and can focus our efforts on higher value analytics and machine learning model development. The result is an ecosystem that allows data scientists self-service and secure access to data, a direct path from prototyping to production and access to a common data lake from a suite of analytic technologies.

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About Saman Michael Far

Saman Michael Far is Senior Vice President of Technology at FINRA, responsible for development of technologies to monitor and provide transparency into financial markets, discover wrong doing and provide analytic visibility into over 100 billion market events received per day.  Saman is also responsible for developing registration, surveillance and regulation technology for the regulation of financial firms and the DevOps and infrastructure to operate these platforms.  Prior to FINRA Saman worked with venture capital firms to assess over 100 venture funded startups and manage company pivots, rebuild organizations and develop new products to maximize total addressable market and valuations.  In the 1990s, Saman was one of 4 key people that led Open Text Corporation from an early stage search engine pioneer through a successful NASDAQ IPO.  Saman has a Bachelor's in Engineering Science and Master's in Electrical Engineering/Computer Science, focused on distributed real-time data processing.