Alan Grogan

Executive leader for Data Platform Modernisation | Avanade Europe, Avanade, Inc.

Alan is passionate about using the latest modern technologies responsibly to reduce organisational wastage, ineffectiveness and overhead. His tenacity and foresight has helped major organisations including Airports, Banks, Media, Manufacturing and Government departments change their operations to better use data, and it has seen him ranked in 2020 by DataIQ as the #1 Data and Analytics Leader in the UK for client enabling/ advisory.

Past sessions

Digital Ethics

November 17, 2020 04:00 PM PT

More than ever, people want to work for, invest in and buy from companies that behave responsibly and ethically. As technology and innovation has driven us forward faster than we could have ever imagined, we see that organizations are aware of how important ethics are as a part of their investments and strategy. Issues of safety, privacy, transparency, and ethics are front of mind for all of us in these uncertain times. But acting on this is easier said than done. In this session, Alan and Lea will provide you with key insights into the basic digital ethics principles and what we have learned from our clients and research. You will learn more through real life examples of where and how Avanade implemented ethical solutions for our clients.

Speakers: Dr. Léa El Samarji and Alan Grogan

Enterprise organizations recognize that on-premises Hadoop environments have become overly expensive to run and maintain and cannot effectively meet today’s Data + Analytics team demands. Business critical initiatives require moving petabytes of data to the cloud in the pursuit of digital transformation initiatives, cost optimization, IT agility, and implementation of AI and Machine learning. However migrating data from Hadoop to Azure to begin data modernization and Spark-based analytics is often stalled by the complexity of migrations. WANdisco and Avanade have developed a methodology to minimize this migration risk and begin petabyte-scale data migration with zero downtime, zero data loss, and faster time-to-value.

Speakers: Paul Scott-Murphy and Alan Grogan