Antoine Amend

Technical Director, Financial Services, Databricks

Antoine Amend is a data practitioner passionate about distributed computing and advanced analytics. Graduated with a master degree in computational astrophysics, author of “Mastering Spark for data science”, Antoine has been pushing both engineering and science disciplines side by side to extract commercial value from large datasets. More recently, Antoine served as director of data science at Barclays UK, leading their AI practice and driving Barclays through their data and analytics transformation. With his expertise in enterprise architecture and commercial experience delivering data science to production in a highly regulated environment, Antoine joined Databricks as the technical director for financial services, helping our customers redefine the future of Banking.

Past sessions

Summit Europe 2020 ESG, followed by AMA

November 17, 2020 04:00 PM PT

The future of finance goes hand in hand with social responsibility, environmental stewardship and corporate ethics. In order to stay competitive, businesses are increasingly disclosing more information about their environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance.

In this free demo, we’ll demonstrate ways to use machine learning to extract the key ESG initiatives as communicated in yearly PDF reports and compare these with the actual media coverage from news analytics data. Afterwards, FinServe Technical Director Antoine Amend will be available to answer questions about this solution or any other financial services analytics use case questions you may have.

Speaker: Antoine Amend and Itai Weiss

Summit Europe 2017 Story Deduplication and Mutation

October 24, 2017 05:00 PM PT

We demonstrate how to use Spark Streaming to build a global News Scanner that scrapes news in near real time, and uses sophisticated text analysis, SimHash, Random Indexing and Streaming K-Means to produce a geopolitical monitoring tool that allows users to track major world events as they unfold. We highlight
advanced spark techniques for scaling, including: using Apache NIFI to deliver data to Spark Streaming, using the Goose library with Spark to build web scrapers, how to de-duplicate streamed documents at scale using advanced techniques like SimHash, Random Indexing, and Streaming K-Means in order to detect, track and visualise "global media conversations” as they mutate over time.

Session hashtag: #EUstr9

Antoine Amend