Asha Poulose

VP Data and Analytics, GE Healthcare

As the VP and Global CIO for Data Analytics Asha is responsible to drive profitability and growth and a data driven culture at GE Healthcare. Her responsibilities spans Enterprise data platforms and architecture, reporting, advanced analytics and Data Science across Commercial/Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain, Services, Engineering, quality and other domains. With a team spread across US, Europe and South Asia key priorities are to build the next generation data platforms and drive cross functional analytics in support of GE Healthcare growth Priorities. Asha has 20+ years of Digital and Management experience with deep expertise in developing digital strategty to drive business Imperatives, data analytics, Software Product development, and building and leading high performing global teams in both global and regional roles.. She is passionate about working with early career talent and academia.

Past sessions

Summit Europe 2020 Transforming GE Healthcare with Data Platform Strategy

November 18, 2020 04:00 PM PT

Data and Analytics is foundational to the success of GE Healthcare's digital transformation and market competitiveness. This use case focuses on a heavy platform transformation that GE Healthcare drove in the last year to move from an On prem legacy data platforming strategy to a cloud native and completely services oriented strategy. This was a huge effort for an 18Bn company and executed in the middle of the pandemic. It enables GE Healthcare to leap frog in the enterprise data analytics strategy.

Speakers: Asha Poulose and Abey Varughese