Bart Van Der Vurst

Director Data Science & Strategy, element61

Bart Van Der Vurst is Partner Analytics at element61 and leading the Data Science and Strategy team. He has 9 years of hands-on experience in Data strategy & the innovative use of data & machine learning and deep expertise within publishing & advertising, sales & marketing and data applications within manufacturing. Bart has always focused on guiding organizations in translating their business needs into working tech-enabled solutions. Bart is a hands-on expert in analytics technology, Azure and Spark certified and very much looking forward to e-meeting you on the Data & AI Summit!

Past sessions

Roularta is a leading publishing company in Belgium. As digital news and channels move at a rapid pace and contain massive volumes of data, Roularta decided in 2019 to invest in a Spark-based data platform to drive true real-time website analytics and unlock insights on previously untouched (big) data sources. In this talk we'll first explain why and how Roularta embarked from a classical data warehouse to a Spark-based Lakehouse using Delta. We'll outline the series of publishing & marketing use-cases done in the last 12 months and highlight for each use-case the advantages of Spark and how the team further tuned performance to truly deliver insights with high velocity.

Speaker: Bart Van Der Vurst