Borja Munoz

Product Manager, CARTO

Borja Muñoz is a product manager at CARTO focusing on development libraries and connectivity and integrations with other platforms. He has 15 years experience designing and developing geospatial analytics and visualization applications. Borja holds an MSc in Computer Science from University of Granada, Spain.

Past sessions

Summit Europe 2020 Unlocking Geospatial Analytics Use Cases with CARTO and Databricks

November 17, 2020 04:00 PM PT

Many companies need to analyze large datasets that include location information. To be able to derive business insights from these datasets you need a solution that provides geospatial analysis functionalities and can scale to manage large volumes of information. The combination of CARTO and Databricks allows you to solve this kind of large scale geospatial analytics problems. CARTO provides a location intelligence platform to discover and predict key insights through location data. In this session we will see how we can integrate CARTO and Databricks and how we can take advantage of this combination to solve specific problems for industries such as logistics, telecommunications or financial services.

Speaker: Borja Munoz