Daniel Ferrante

Director of Platform Engineering,

For the past 3+ years, Daniel has been leading the Platform and Data Engineering teams at Digital Turbine. He is well skilled in data engineering techniques using Apache Spark™, Scala, Python, Java and Spring Boot. His interests and focus lie in helping businesses succeed in the automation of business analytics and data mastery.

Past sessions

Summit Europe 2020 Digital Turbine Adopts A Lakehouse to Scale to Their Analytics Needs

November 18, 2020 04:00 PM PT

Digital Turbine is an internet based company that provides services to app developers, enabling them to build and distribute their apps across multiple platforms. Digital Turbine have petabytes of data that they need to analyze, but found that their requirements were starting to outgrow their existing architecture, which resulted in higher costs and the inability to deliver on service level agreements.

By implementing Databricks and Delta Lake:
-Data is available to the business team in minutes.
-Legacy and new data can be joined in Delta Lake and continuously optimized, delivering 180 million events per day Digital Turbine were able to realize these results in 1 month with help from the team at Databricks

Speakers: Daniel Ferrante and Brian Dirking

Dan Ferrante