Federico Comotto

Data Scientist, Laife Reply

Data Scientist at Laife Reply.

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Summit Europe 2020 X-RAIS: The Third Eye

November 17, 2020 04:00 PM PT

The health emergency underway worldwide has highlighted the need to strengthen the surveillance and care of the sick at home, to avoid hospital overcrowding that we have seen in recent months inevitably compromise the management of the emergency itself. X-RAIS is an AI tool, which as a third eye supports radiologists during the reporting phase of radiological images. Within this context, we extended X-RAIS capabilities with ALFABETO (ALl FAster BEtter TOgether).

ALFABETO has the main objective of assisting healthcare personnel in the initial triage phase at the patient's home: using instrumental data, anamnestic data, etc., ALFABETO carries out an objective evaluation of the degree of severity of the pathology and a predictive analysis of the possible evolution in the short to medium term, thus providing the essential elements to decide the care strategy to be implemented (home care vs. hospitalization).

The project involves the development of a software platform - integrated with diagnostic instrumentation - based on Artificial Intelligence components and aimed at supporting the diagnosis, sharing clinical information in real-time with the various health professionals involved in the process and predicting the evolution of the pathology.

Speaker: Federico Comotto