Maarten Herthoge

Team Lead Data Science & Engineering, delaware

Maarten is working as team lead for the Data Science & Engineering team at delaware BeLux, next to taking up the role as (big) data and Azure cloud architect. He specializes in the domain of data & analytics with a strong focus on data science and data engineering. Combining functional and technical expertise in the Microsoft (Azure) ecosystem with a background in business economics, financial controlling and computer science engineering, he strives to turn data into an intelligent asset. As go-to-market lead for data engineering Maarten has proven delivery experience in advising and managing complex data projects ranging from operationalizing AI solutions to tackling multi-million-IoT-device or multi-TB use cases.

Past sessions

Summit Europe 2020 Building the Next-gen Digital Meter Platform for Fluvius

November 17, 2020 04:00 PM PT

Fluvius is the network operator for electricity and gas in Flanders, Belgium. Their goal is to modernize the way people look at energy consumption using a digital meter that captures consumption and injection data from any electrical installation in Flanders ranging from households to large companies. After full roll-out there will be roughly 7 million digital meters active in Flanders collecting up to terabytes of data per day. Combine this with regulation that Fluvius has to maintain a record of these reading for at least 3 years, we are talking petabyte scale. delaware BeLux was assigned by Fluvius to setup a modern data platform and did so on Azure using Databricks as the core component to collect, store, process and serve these volumes of data to every single consumer and beyond in Flanders. This enables the Belgian energy market to innovate and move forward. Maarten took up the role as project manager and solution architect.

During this session, Maarten will talk you through the case and highlight the key takeaways that made Databricks the perfect fit for a true modern data platform.

Speaker: Maarten Herthoge