Marc Lecoultre

Head of Architecture Board, Swisscom Digital Services

Marc Lecoultre has a proven record of leading R&D teams and a demonstrated history of working in the software and consulting industry. Experienced technologist in Artificial Intelligence, data governance, big data analytics and software development.

Strong entrepreneurship professional with a MSc. from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, a Graduate Certificate from Stanford and multiple certifications in Lean Management and AI domains.

Marc worked 18 years in the software industry. He led local and offshore development teams. He participated in market development in European, North American and Asian countries.

He joined the United Nations initiative on AI for health (FG-AI4H) and became chairman for the working group on data and AI solution handling and leading the Open Source software project.

Past sessions

Health costs are exploding year by year. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence it is possible to address patient needs in a cost-efficient manner.

In the case we will present, we will demonstrate how as part of a telemedicine service we implemented a solution allowing to reduce triage cost of patients by leveraging AI. The app we developed not only allowed to reduce cost but is significantly improving the patient experience.

Speaker: Marc Lecoultre