Todd Greenstein

Product Team, Databricks

Prior to joining Databricks, Todd was part of Microsoft on the SQL Server Team working on the Engine and Clustering components. Todd was part of the of the product team at Couchbase and helped build the worlds fastest operational database. Most recently Todd was at Mesosphere helping to drive the application SDK and application scalability products.

Past sessions

Data sharing has become important in the digital economy as enterprises wish to easily and securely exchange data with their customers, partners, and suppliers, but to date, data sharing solutions have been tied to a single vendor or commercial product. Today, Databricks unveiled "Delta Sharing" -- the industry’s first open protocol for data sharing -- making it simple to share data with other organizations regardless of where the data lives.Join Databricks Co-Founder and Chief Technologist Matei Zaharia, as well as Databricks engineer and product manager Michael Armbrust and Todd Greengstein for a 'Ask Me Anything' session on Delta Sharing. Whether you want to dive deep into the technology, or a better understanding of the scenarios, this is the session where you get to ask your questions!


In this session watch:
Matei Zaharia, Assistant Professor of Computer Science; Original Creator of Apache Spark & MLflow, Databricks
Todd Greenstein, Product Team, Databricks
Michael Armbrust, Distinguished Engineer, Databricks


Summit Europe 2020 Radical Speed for your SQL Queries with Delta Engine

November 18, 2020 04:00 PM PT

As organizations embrace data-driven decision-making, it has become imperative for them to invest in a platform that can quickly analyze massive amounts and types of data. With their data lakes, these organizations can store massive amounts of data in cheap cloud object storage. And with Delta Lake, we can provide ACID transactions to make your data lakes reliable. But a key component to making your data lake into a lakehouse - providing the simplicity and features of a data warehouse to your data lakes - is the ability to perform ad hoc or OLAP queries against your data lakes.

With the Photon powered Delta Engine your lakehouse can now - easily - become a reality. The Photon engine is written from the ground up in C++ to take advantage of modern hardware and capitalize on data-level and CPU instruction-level parallelism. It optimizes text processing and regular expressions to enable fast performance on real world data and applications. It is fully compatible with Apache Spark™ APIs to ensure workloads run seamlessly without code changes. For example, a benchmark test running the same Spark SQL query on Photon was 20x faster than Apache Spark™ 2.4. Come join us to learn more about how you radically speed up your Spark SQL queries with the Photon powered Delta Engine.

Speaker: Todd Greenstein