Sustainability Leadership Forum
Powering a Better Future With Data + AI

Today, the future of business goes hand in hand with social responsibility, environmental stewardship and corporate ethics. Creating a better future for all stakeholders requires organizations to rethink what they make, how they operate and where to make strategic bets for the future. Data and technology are playing an increasingly important role in driving innovation and transforming how organizations operate and approach ESG.

Join our global sustainability forum to hear from industry leaders on:

  • Why diversity, equity and inclusivity are critical to your business
  • How leading companies are using technology to do good
  • Why data and AI are key to unlocking sustainability initiatives
  • Demo on how machine learning is being used to improve ESG decision-making

Featured Speakers

Kathy Matsui
Former Vice Chair, Goldman Sachs

Sara Menker
Founder and CEO, Gro Intelligence

Ilaria Chan
Group Advisor on Social Impact Investments, Grab

Daiana Beitler
Cross-Industry Digital Strategist, Digital Transformation Partnerships, Microsoft

Junta Nakai
Global Industry Leader, Financial Services and Sustainability, Databricks

Antoine Amend
Financial Services Technical Director, Databricks

Ashley Whitney
Chief Product Officer, Lab49
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