A Tale of Two Graph Frameworks on Spark: GraphFrames and Tinkerpop OLAP

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Graph is on the rise and it’s time to start learning about scalable graph analytics! In this session we will go over two Spark-based Graph Analytics frameworks: Tinkerpop and GraphFrames. While both frameworks can express very similar traversals, they have different performance characteristics and APIs. In this Deep-Dive by example presentation, we will demonstrate some common traversals and explain how, at a Spark level, each traversal is actually computed under the hood! Learn both the fluent Gremlin API as well as the powerful GraphFrame Motif api as we show examples of both simultaneously. No need to be familiar with Graphs or Spark for this presentation as we’ll be explaining everything from the ground up!
Session hashtag: #EUeco3

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About Artem Aliev

Artem is a DataStax Software Engineer working on Spark, TinkerPop, Cassandra integration. Before that he led a data storage performance optimization team at EMC and developed Apache Harmony J2SE.