Data Engineers: Stop Hand Coding and Start Accelerating Your Analytics Projects! SAIS NA

If you are a die-hard programmer and you would never consider using productivity tools, do not attend this session.
This session is for managers and team leads who are working to accelerate their development projects, lower the skills requirement, and simplify data engineering programs. In other words, this session is for people who are ushering in the modern data architecture for their organizations.

A modern data architecture means that data engineers and pipeline developers have intelligent and automated tools to deploy high capacity pipelines using the latest data processing engines like Spark. It means data engineers get the benefits of new processing engines without having to learn the intricacies of the underlying API and best practices. It also means that you can scale your data engineering organization to deliver on the business demands.

In this strategic planning session, you’ll learn how leading organizations have scaled out their data engineering capabilities including:
• Creating a data engineering factory by eliminating complexity
• Leveraging “infinite” processing power by targeting a serverless spark engine
• Enabling a broader set of users from the data analyst to the data engineer


Essayer Databricks
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About Michael Destein

Michael Destein is a data junkie. Going back to the 1990’s he has been focused on data integration, data management, and data analytics. With roles in solution architecture, product management, product marketing, industry solutions, sales, and now leading ISV partnerships for Talend he knows how to apply data and data management to complex business problems and extract superior business results.