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Delta from a Data Engineer’s Perspective Session 2

Take a walk through the daily struggles of a data engineer in this presentation as we cover what is truly needed to create robust end to end Big Data solutions.

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About Palla Lentz


Palla is a member of the Resident Solutions Architect team at Databricks. She works directly with customers to build robust, end-to-end Spark solutions and help guide users towards Spark best practices. She received a BS in Computer Science from San Diego State University and has a background in Application Engineering, Data Warehousing and Data Engineering. Palla has lived in a few different states across the US and studied abroad in New Zealand.

About Jake Therianos


Jake is a Customer Success Engineer at Databricks and helps both end users and platform owners/admins tackle their technical challenges related to Spark and the Databricks ecosystem. He has received certifications in both Spark and AWS. Jake has a background in Technology Consulting with a specialization in Advanced Analytics. He graduated from Virginia Tech and currently resides in Washington DC.