Joe Spisak

Product Lead, Facebook

Joseph is the product lead for Facebook’s open-source AI platform, including PyTorch and ONNX. His work spans internal collaborations with teams such as Oculus, Facebook Integrity, and FAIR, as well as working with the AI developer community to bring scalable tools to help push the state of the art forward. Prior to Facebook, Joseph led a deep-learning product management team and Global AI partnerships for Amazon AI. Before that, he was director of machine learning segment strategy for Intel.

Past sessions

Summit 2020 Scaling Up AI Research to Production with PyTorch and MLFlow

June 25, 2020 05:00 PM PT

PyTorch, the popular open-source ML framework, has continued to evolve rapidly since the introduction of PyTorch 1.0, which brought an accelerated workflow from research to production. We’ll deep dive on some of the most important new advances, including model parallel distributed training, model optimization and on device deployment as well as the latest libraries that support production scale deployment working in concert with MLFlow.