Cloud Engineer - Databricks

Cloud Engineer

Cloud Engineer If you’ve helped build and operate a cloud to power a 99.9% service on multiple platforms and have bold opinions on the right way to design and build an enterprise cloud, we would like to meet you.

About You
You love building secure, reliable environments, learning new things to continuously improve and optimize your systems.
You believe in automating and codifying operational procedures as much as possible, eliminating toil while increasing reliability.
You have an eye for elegance in infrastructure. You have both solid Linux / Systems expertise and demonstrated Software Development chops.
You are a serverless computing enthusiast and are eager to build a next-generation infrastructure using serverless container solutions.
You’ve built and operated a cloud using Kubernetes.

What You’ll Work On
Build, utilize and improve tools to automate the deployment, administration, and monitoring of Splice Machine’s cloud-native platform using Kubernetes, Docker, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Terraform, Ansible, Influx, Grafana and ELK stack among other powerful big data tools.
Develop software and processes for better utilization of underlying cloud resources.
Work with the development team to harden, enhance, document, establish a process and generally improve the operability and supportability of our systems.
Troubleshoot and resolve live production issues by analyzing logs from different sources.
Write and maintain scalable system administration and monitoring.
The opportunity to go outside your normal duties and work on our blog, attend hackathons and conferences, speak at events, contribute to StackOverflow and open source development or anything else you’re interested in that can add to our community.