Principle Data Engineer - Databricks

Principle Data Engineer

As a Principal Data Engineer you’re passionate about data and the opportunity it provides to organizations. You ‘get’ Big Data and Cloud computing for more advanced data processing and Analytics and are excited about these technologies. You have experience working within a client facing role and are open to a research setting, where you will build leading edge re-usable assets for the Firm as part of QBLabs and its R&D roadmap.

You are equally comfortable talking to senior client stakeholders to understand their data as well as designing the ingestion process to store their data and preparing it for Advanced Analytics. You have experience leading client projects and in handling vast amounts of data – architecting the right solution for data integration, ingestion, storage and preparation.

You are someone with a drive to implement the best possible solutions for clients. You have a good understanding of Data Science methodologies and can collaborate effectively with highly skilled research and applied Data Science teams. Through the MILA partnership you will help bring to life the latest thinking in Data Science and Computational research onto our client engagements.