Qubole: Staff Engineer – Spark

Qubole is a simple, open, and secure Data Lake Platform for machine learning, streaming, and ad-hoc analytics. Our platform provides end-to-end services that reduce the time and effort required to run Data pipelines, Streaming Analytics, and Machine Learning workloads on any cloud. No other platform offers the openness and data workload flexibility of Qubole while lowering cloud data lake costs by over 50 per cent. Qubole customers process nearly an exabyte of data every month. Qubole investors include Charles River, Institutional Venture Partners, Lightspeed, Norwest, Harmony and Singtel Innov8.

What you’ll be doing

  • Work on building a reliable and scalable Spark as a Service offering
  • Solve challenging problems at the core execution layer of the Spark engine
  • Work with customers to understand their needs on emerging use cases like stream processing and machine learning and build them into our product
  • Open source the Spark features you built by contributing back to Apache

Required experiences and skills

  • Strong in algorithms and have good experience with Java/Scala/C++
  • Knowledge of Spark/Hadoop and how it works (or a willingness and enthusiasm to learn)
  • Experience in building/debugging distributed systems
  • SQL experience (parser, optimiser, engine)
  • 8+ years of experience in software development

Having these will set you apart as a candidate

  • Contributed to Open Source projects like Hadoop/Spark/Hive/HBase or others in the big data eco-system
  • Masters degree in computer science or related engineering field
Qubole is hitting that growth inflection point where we need talented people to help us scale up. Our company culture is special, and we are looking for people to join us who want to continue building a great company while going after the big data activation market.
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Culture at Qubole
Trust and Autonomy: We absolutely pride ourselves on the lack of bureaucracy at work, and believe in delegating power and responsibility, aggressively to our employees.
Transparency and Teamwork: Complete transparency in all our thoughts and actions is integral to our genetic character, and it helps us to stick together and function effectively as a team.
Who Thrives: If you are a self-starter and thrive on complexity and independence and truly understand and live the tenets of humility, hunger and honesty and you will love Qubole.