Senior Software Engineer - Databricks

Senior Software Engineer

Azure Cosmos DB is Microsoft’s next generation globally distributed, massively scalable, multi-model cloud database service. It is designed to enable developers to build planet-scale applications. Azure Cosmos DB is one of the fastest growing Azure services. Joining the Azure Cosmos DB team is a fantastic opportunity to work with highly talented engineers operating like a startup, and to deliver on our next set of big challenges.

We are looking for highly motivated and self-driven individuals who are passionate in the areas of product performance, resource governance, load balancing, COGs. We are providing the world a scalable fault tolerant world-wide replicated database and massive scale-up compute. These systems are used solve the toughest financial, IoT, warehousing, AI and state-management problems along with many other solution areas such as gaming. These solutions capture the needs of the hobbyist developer to the Fortune 500 companies.

Our job is to make sure these systems are secure and meet both the security requires of industry while also driving more defense in depth. We do this by building security features such as Encryption At Rest, Firewalls, better permissions management, broad mitigations, and also by driving the overall Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) process. This job requires a broad set of developer and program management skills.