Software Engineer - Databricks

Software Engineer

Are you passionate about building state of the art software and accelerating your growth as an engineer? Do you want to work in a world class engineering team with an exceptional record of innovation and execution that has made us one of the largest businesses within Microsoft? If yes, keep reading…

The SQL Database team delivers world class relational database server technologies used across the globe on everything from small devices, desktops, and servers to some of the largest Cloud deployments in the world. Everywhere you look, the amount of data being generated in the world is soaring. With this dramatic growth, the importance of the data platform continues to grow tremendously. Data is at the heart of the Cloud. Winning in the Cloud requires rich data services that provide deep insights from data. All of this must be done while supporting high availability, predictability and elasticity; supporting 1000’s of users on a single machine or a query that utilizes 1000’s of cores. Does this sound like an interesting problem? If yes, talk to us in the SQL team.

We have made a big bet on our super-successful business winning in the Cloud. We will win by building the world’s best data management Cloud platform and transform how people use databases. But to do that, we need your help. Our competition is fierce and our aspirations are bold! This is an opportunity to work with some of the best engineers in the industry to extend the core SQL RDBMS engine. The challenges span the entire stack of database technology – programming language, query optimization, query execution, and storage engine. The solutions that our engineers work on incorporate the latest academic research and leverage the benefits of modern hardware advancements with a goal to bring record-breaking query performance capabilities to our database system. Finally, you will learn what it takes to deploy and run software as a 24×7 enterprise grade cloud service!

We are the Azure Data teams part of the C+E Azure organization. Azure Big data teams present interesting challenges in technologies such as big-data, cloud, storage and open-source. We build reliable, highly scalable and highly performing distributed systems for data analytics on Azure. We work with various open-source technologies like Hadoop, Yarn, etc., and make contributions to these technologies. We are creating a planetary scale storage system, which can scale to Exabyte of data (yes, that’s 18+ digits!). Azure services is building next generation globally distributed, elastic scale, multi-model cloud database services. It is designed to enable developers to build planet-scale applications. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of a very agile team, take on hard distributed system problems and ship high impact features at a rapid pace.