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Software Engineer – Distributed Systems

Are you interested in joining a group of highly talented engineers working on a open source project that is solving challenging problems across big data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence? As customers continuously push the envelope for ways to extract value from data, Alluxio is driving innovation in data access and management for large scale distributed systems.

Alluxio (a.k.a Tachyon Nexus) a project from AMPLab like Apache Spark and Mesos is charging full steam to help customers navigate the digital transformation. . The Alluxio team includes leaders, innovators, explorers, and risk-takers with extensive industry experience from top tech companies including Google, Palantir and VMWare and alumni from top computer science programs including CMU, Stanford and UC Berkeley. The company is backed by Andreessen-Horowitz and has been named as top 10 hot startups for 2018.

As a distributed systems engineer at Alluxio you will be responsible for evolving the state-of-the-art Alluxio ( also knows as Tachyon Nexus earlier) project. The work would involve solving challenging problems in the area of Distributed Data Services, Memory and data structure efficiency, Thread concurrency and locking optimizations, process coordination and caching policies and implementation. The role would include developing innovative solutions for scaling systems to thousands of node and providing Data Durability and High Availability.