July 2020 Customer Newsletter

Training, the Best of Spark + AI Summit, Q3 Product Roadmap Webinar, and more

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Free Self-Paced Training

Develop your Databricks skills with free self-paced training, now available for all customers. Get started today by creating a Databricks Academy training account. Learn how to access and navigate to the free training, find your role, and follow your respective learning path.

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Learn what’s on the product roadmap
Register for the Q3 Product Roadmap Webinar on Tuesday, July 21 at 9am PDT / 5pm BST. Join us for a live review of the key products that were recently released and a preview of features to come as well as live Q&A with our product leaders Awez Syed, Clemens Mewald and Vinay Wagh.Learn more

Best of Spark + AI Summit 2020

All Spark + AI Summit slides and videos

The recent Spark + AI Summit attracted nearly 70K registrants and incredible speakers, such as Nate Silver, Dr. Phillip Atiba Goff, Hany Farid, Jennifer Chayes, Adam Paszke, as well as Databricks leaders. Watch on-demand exciting keynotes from industry leaders, including Starbucks on how they transformed their on-prem infrastructure to cloud-plus-AI, as well as 200+ breakout sessions, now available online.

For referenceability, here is a curated list of top sessions by discipline and by industry: Data Science, Data Engineering, Public Sector, Media and Entertainment, Health and Life Sciences, Financial Services and Retail and CPG.


Data Teams Unite Hackathon Winners

We received over 50 submissions for this hackathon launched in May to see what solutions data teams could devise around the COVID-19 crisis, climate change and social issues in their communities. Congratulations to all our winners!

Second Runner Up: Booz Allen Hamilton, Climate Resiliency for the Chesapeake Bay, $5000 donation to the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay on their behalf.
Runner Up: Shell and Enbridge, Wildfire Real-time Detection using Satellite Imagery, $10,000 to the Amazon Conservation Association on their behalf.
Grand Prize Winner: Revgen, Taking it to the Streets, $20,000 to The Gathering Place on their behalf.

Get featured on the Databricks blog
Did you attend Spark + AI Summit? You can be featured on the Databricks blog by sharing what you learned and what were your favorite moments. Reach out to us on Twitter to share your story.


Best Practices and Demos

Cut data pipeline costs with funded PoC, preferential pricing

Cost cutting has become a paramount concern. We developed a program to demonstrate how much more cost effective and performant it would be to shift from EMR to Databricks, while still maintaining all data on AWS. The Production Pipelines Program includes preferential pricing, compute credits, a funded PoC, and a deep cost and performance evaluation report. Watch this webinar to learn more about the program, how to qualify, and how other Databricks customers have cut costs and improved performance of their production pipelines.


Best practices data governance on Databricks

Uncover the most impactful techniques you can implement for a new data governance strategy. This guide demonstrates a typical deployment workflow you can employ using Databricks and cloud-native solutions to secure and monitor each layer from the application down to storage.


OLAP Data Warehouse Fundamentals: Slowly Changing Dimensions (SCD) in Delta Lake

Learn to keep track of both historical and current data over time with Slowly Changing Dimensions, a fundamental concept from the data warehousing world. This talk discusses how to apply these concepts to your data lake.

StrongArm Tech help make industrial workplaces a safer place

In this inspirational IoT story, learn how StrongArm Tech’s unified team makes industrial workplaces a safer place using data and ML-powered wearable devices to drive down injury rates by 54%, saving their customers millions.
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Get started with MLflow for IoT devices

Learn to manage and scale machine learning models for IoT devices with Model Training and Model Scoring.


Download the new edition of Learning Spark from O’Reilly – FREE for Customers

Learn more about the latest developments around Apache Spark™, including the newest features from the Apache Spark™3.0 release and the ecosystem around it.
Learn more

Install TensorFlow 2.1 on Databricks Runtime 6.5 ML GPU clusters

This article explains how to install TensorFlow 2.1 on a Databricks Runtime 6.5 ML GPU cluster by using a cluster-scoped init script.
Learn more

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