Modernizing Risk Management

Leveraging a unified approach to data and AI to mitigate operational risk in the financial services industry

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Managing risk within the financial services, especially within the banking sector, has increased in complexity over the past several years. The introduction of new frameworks, technologies, and business models means the need for sound risk governance is at an all-time high. However, the ability for the banking industry to effectively meet these demands has not been an easy undertaking.

In this technical guide, you will learn how to build an Agile modern risk management practice capable of rapidly responding to market and economic volatility through the use of data and advanced analytics.

Specifically, this technical guide covers how:

  • to modernize traditional value-at-risk (VaR) calculation with data and AI
  • Databricks’ unified approach to data analytics will improve cross-team productivity and accelerate innovation
  • Delta Lake and MLflow contribute to enabling a more reliable, agile, and forward-looking approach to risk management