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If you’ve patiently worked through each section of this guide, you are well on your way to building your own Apache Spark applications on Databricks! There are many more developer resources within the Databricks documentation and the Databricks website, we recommend that you check them out at your leisure.

Introducing Databricks

Introduction to Databricks

Explore the Databricks integrated workspace, cluster management, and jobs with this video primer.

Databricks Cluster Manager and Jobs

Cluster Manager and Jobs

Find out more about how Databricks simplifies Apache Spark Cluster Management and helps automate production workflows with the Databricks Jobs feature.

Collaboration in Databricks


Using Databricks, your teams can collaborate together and keep track of version history.

Data Visualizations in Databricks


Easily visualize your data analysis through Databricks’ visualization capabilities including our native visualizations, visualizing ML using display(), and visualization library integrations including ggplot, matplotlib, and d3.


The Databricks forum is a great resource to ask questions about Apache Spark and the Databricks product. Anyone can sign-up and participate in discussions there. As well, you can refer to SparkHub’s Apache Spark Developer Resources Page for the latest information.

Apache Spark is constantly evolving. To stay up to date on the latest improvements and tips from the team that created Apache Spark, follow Databricks on Twitter, and subscribe to our newsletter.

Training and MOOCs

Learn Apache Spark from the team that started the project.

Private Corporate Training

Apache Spark training for your team: delivered at your organization or online.
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Public Classes

Organized learning events: open to the public at conferences and classrooms.
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Open to anyone, anywhere: remote lessons with hands-on labs.

Introduction to Apache Spark MOOC thumbnail

Introduction to Apache Spark

Learn the fundamentals and architecture of Apache Spark, the leading cluster-computing framework among professionals.
Starts on June 15, 2016

Distributed Machine Learning with Apache Spark MOOC thumbnail

Distributed Machine Learning with Apache Spark

Learn the underlying principles required to develop scalable machine learning pipelines and gain hands-on experience using Apache Spark.
Starts on July 11, 2016

Big Data Analysis with Apache Spark MOOC thumbnail

Big Data Analysis with Apache Spark

Learn how to apply data science techniques using parallel programming in Apache Spark to explore big data.
Starts on August 10, 2016

Blogs and Webinars

Below are some great blogs and videos of Apache Spark and Databricks use cases:


DataFrames and Datasets

Machine Learning