RStudio - Databricks

Make R programming on big data simpler with RStudio and Databricks

For data scientists looking at scaling out R-based computing to big data, Databricks provides a Unified Analytics Platform that is easy to setup and integrates with the most popular R tools and frameworks. Data scientists can use Databricks and RStudio to easily create analytics models, quickly access and prepare high quality data sets, and automatically run R workloads at unprecedented scale.

Increase productivity of R users

The seamless integration between Databricks and RStudio allows data scientists to use familiar tools and languages to run and execute R jobs on Databricks directly in RStudio IDE.

Simplify access to large data sets

Remove the barriers to most R-based machine learning and AI projects by bringing the datasets together in Databricks with the ability to code in RStudio. Databricks provides scalable data processing and to clean, blend and join datasets in an optimized data format.

Enable distributed R computing at scale

Databricks, from the original creators of Apache Spark™, supports R as a first-class language, offering unprecedented performance (up to 100x faster than Apache Spark) as well as the ability to auto-scale cloud-based clusters to handle the most demanding jobs, while keeping the total cost of ownership low.