An AI-Powered Chatbot to Simplify Apache Spark Performance Management

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Sarah: My Spark SQL query failed. How can I fix it?

Jeeves: Your Spark query driver went out of memory.

Jeeves: You can set spark.driver.memory to 2.2GB and rerun the query to complete it successfully.

Who is Jeeves? An experienced Spark developer? A seasoned administrator? No, Jeeves is a chatbot created to simplify data operations management for enterprise Spark clusters. This chatbot is powered by advanced AI algorithms and an intuitive conversational interface that together provide answers to get users in and out of performance problems quickly. Instead of just being stuck to screens displaying performance logs and metrics, users can now have more refreshing experience; and consume performance insights via a two-way conversation with their own personal Spark expert.

This talk will give an overview of the chatbot, its architecture, and how it fits in a complex Spark environment. The chatbot connects to a large number of sources to get the data to power its AI algorithms. It can detect anomalies in performance and push key insights via alerts to users when they need them the most. The chatbot can also be told to take actions like creating tickets and making configuration changes. You will learn how to build chatbots that tackle your complex data operations challenges with AI algorithms and automation, keeping a cool head at all times.


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About Shivnath Babu

Shivnath Babu is the CTO at Unravel Data Systems and an adjunct professor of computer science at Duke University. His research focuses on ease-of-use and manageability of data-intensive systems, automated problem diagnosis, and cluster sizing for applications running on cloud platforms. Shivnath cofounded Unravel to solve the application management challenges that companies face when they adopt systems like Hadoop and Spark. Unravel originated from the Starfish platform built at Duke, which has been downloaded by over 100 companies. Shivnath has won a US National Science Foundation CAREER Award, three IBM Faculty Awards, and an HP Labs Innovation Research Award.