Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) Testing with Apache Spark - Databricks

Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) Testing with Apache Spark

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This session presents a simple, human-based approach to create test suites targeting multiple points of contact in a data solution. Commonly, an enterprise will pick a data processing solution with heavy GUIs because it can make an easy to understand workflow around data. However, those solutions still are not able to verify the simplest use case, i.e. “If I put data into a solution to process data, then I should get a desired result.”
FIS will demonstrate and teach you how to build a unique testing solution on top of Apache Spark. Under its solution, FIS can actually prove to users in their organization that when they put data in, they get the correct result out. They can also enlist their entire team from product owner to developer to write complete unit tests. The type of flexibility Spark enables allows you to take unique paths in building robust, understandable data flows. The transformational element is the ability to do this in milliseconds, and not wait till the entire pipeline finishes.

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