Big Data Meets Learning Science - Databricks

Big Data Meets Learning Science

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How do we learn and how can we learn better? Educational technology is undergoing a revolution fueled by learning science and data science. The promise is to make a high-quality personalized education accessible and affordable by all. In this presentation Alfred will describe how Apache Spark and Databricks are at the center of the innovation pipeline at McGraw Hill for developing next-generation learner models and algorithms in support of millions of learners and instructors worldwide.

About Alfred Essa

Alfred is VP of Research and Data Science at McGraw-Hill Education (MHE). He leads learning science research and data science at MHE with the goal of generating of next-generation products and solutions in education. He has held leadership roles in academia and industry, including serving as Dir. of Innovation and Analytics Strategy at Desire2Learn and CIO at MIT’s Sloan School of Management. At MIT he was the recipient of an MIT Excellence Award for innovative solutions.