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Distributed Computing with Spark for Actionable Business Insights

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The challenge of computing big data for evolving digital business processes demands new approaches to processing, interpreting and correlating disparate data sources. Variety of enterprise use cases demand variety of computation techniques and engines (SQL, OLAP, time-series, graph, document store), but working in unified framework that offers access to those sources in a seamless manner is necessary for enterprise production environments. In this talk we will highlight how new technologies in SAP HANA Vora extends Apache Spark to impact everyday business operations.

About Stephan Kessler

Stephan Kessler is a developer in a Research and Development Team at SAP Walldorf. He is working on the integration of SAPs query execution engines in the Spark eco-system. His main goals are improving the speed of Spark processing even more and bringing new features to the SQL extension. Before joining SAP, he did his PhD and his Diploma (M.Sc.) at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology at the chair of database and information systems. Before joining the Big Data community his research interest covered privacy in databases as well as sensor networks.