Indicium: Interactive Querying at Scale Using Apache Spark, Zeppelin, and Spark Job-Server - Databricks

Indicium: Interactive Querying at Scale Using Apache Spark, Zeppelin, and Spark Job-Server

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Kapil Malik and Arvind Heda will discuss a solution for interactive querying of large scale structured data, stored in a distributed file system (HDFS / S3), in a scalable and reliable manner using a unique combination of Spark SQL, Apache Zeppelin and Spark Job-server (SJS) on Yarn. The solution is production tested and can cater to thousands of queries processing terabytes of data every day. It contains following components – 1. Zeppelin server : A custom interpreter is deployed, which de-couples spark context from the user notebooks. It connects to the remote spark context on Spark Job-server. A rich set of APIs are exposed for the users. The user input is parsed, validated and executed remotely on SJS. 2. Spark job-server : A custom application is deployed, which implements the set of APIs exposed on Zeppelin custom interpreter, as one or more spark jobs. 3. Context router : It routes different user queries from custom interpreter to one of many Spark Job-servers / contexts. The solution has following characteristics – * Multi-tenancy There are hundreds of users, each having one or more Zeppelin notebooks. All these notebooks connect to same set of Spark contexts for running a job. * Fault tolerance The notebooks do not use Spark interpreter, but a custom interpreter, connecting to a remote context. If one spark context fails, the context router sends user queries to another context. * Load balancing Context router identifies which contexts are under heavy load / responding slowly, and selects the most optimal context for serving a user query. * Efficiency We use Alluxio for caching common datasets. * Elastic resource usage We use spark dynamic allocation for the contexts. This ensures that cluster resources are blocked by this application only when it’s doing some actual work.
Session hashtag: #EUeco9

About Kapil Malik

Kapil is a data architect with experience in building scalable, reliable, distributed compute and data platforms. He has worked at Adobe, Microsoft, Snapdeal and is currently working at Amazon.

About Arvind Heda

Building a highly scalable and reliable Big Data Platform to blend Transactional and behavioural touch points in real time, and enable a consistent, unified and active Data Model which can be leveraged for all real time decisions, online dashboards, personalisation algos, scheduled jobs and ad hoc analysis.