Is Apache Spark the Future of Data Analysis?

With its fast, in-memory processing and analytical framework, Apache Spark has quickly attracted interest from developers and software vendors. What role will Spark play in your information management and analytics story?

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About Nick Heudecker

Nick Heudecker researches data management for Gartner's IT Leaders (ITL) Data and Analytics group. He offers guidance to information management leaders, information architects, CIOs and Chief Data Officers on data infrastructure for operations and analytics, as well as information management strategy. Additionally, he covers real-time analytics, in-memory technologies, and the acquisition and management of open-source software. Prior to Gartner, Mr. Heudecker was the founder and principal of System Mobile, a consulting company providing software development and training services in multiple enterprise sectors. Earlier, he led software development at several startups in both the consumer and enterprise spaces, specializing in enterprise software architecture and analytics.