Remote Monitoring using Apache Spark - Databricks

Remote Monitoring using Apache Spark

InfoObjects work with one of the largest industrial automation company in America. It provides remote monitoring as a value add service to it’s industrial customers. Support engineers visual monitors the data such as alarm or sensor data and make decisions ‘on the fly’ based on their expertise/knowledge of the application/site they are monitoring. There is a big reliance on the tribal knowledge gathered over the years. This tribal knowledge varies for different verticals like paper machines, food processing machines etc. When staff leaves or retires this tribal knowledge gets lost. A system is needed to accumulate this tribal knowledge and work as a decision support system.
One of their use cases for remote monitoring leverages the power of Big Data, IoT and machine learning. It uses machine learning algorithms and stream processing rules while analyzing data in order to get insights into the monitored process. Data from PLCs, drives, controllers, appliances is routed to an edge device. The edge device is connected to the cloud. Equipment securely and continuously transmit data points which reflect information about the monitored process (temperature, pressure, rpm etc).

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