Revolutionizing Retail with Big Data and AI

Join us for an exclusive industry event at Spark + AI Summit. Come network with your peers, meet with and hear from industry luminaries on how big data and machine learning are driving innovation across the entire retail value chain.

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About Ramana Prakash Kavi

Ramana is a Senior Platform Engineer with the Data And Analytics Engineering team He specializes in Cloud Infrastructure Automation on Microsoft Azure. At Starbucks, Ramana leads the engineering initiative for InfraGenie that makes repeatable, enterprise hardened solution template deployments possible in a matter of clicks and minutes.

About Balaji Venkataraman

Balaji R Venkataraman is an Engineering Manager with the Enterprise Data And Analytic Platform team at Starbucks. His team ships and operates on-demand platforms on the Azure cloud that powers petabyte scale Data Engineering, at scale ML/AI development and Operationalization across Starbucks. These offerings shape multiple Next generation personalization and retail optimization initiatives.