Saving Energy with Apache Spark and Toon - Databricks

Saving Energy with Apache Spark and Toon

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Toon, a leading European smart thermostat and energy display, enables users to control and monitor gas and electricity consumption in their homes. Using the energy data we collect from over 400,000 homes we have developed a new Energy Waste Checker app to give actionable advice to end users to ensure that they do not needlessly waste energy. We identify inefficient electrical appliances and suboptimal uses of central heating and hot water by applying disaggregation algorithms to the raw sensor data. In this talk Stephen will describe our how our novel disaggregation algorithms are implemented in Spark and will show how Toon uses cloud-based big data processing to offer data driven services to hundreds of thousands of users.

Session hashtag: #EUds10

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About Stephen Galsworthy

Stephen Galsworthy is the Head of Data Science at Quby, the creator and provider of Toon, a leading European smart home platform. In this role, he is responsible for the development of data driven services for residential customers and partners such as utilities and insurance providers. Stephen holds both a Master’s degree and Ph.D. in Mathematics from Oxford University and has been leading Data Science teams since 2011.