Solving the App Market with Only Grit, Hustle, and a Spark Cluster - Databricks

Solving the App Market with Only Grit, Hustle, and a Spark Cluster

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Funded by big name investors like Mark Cuban and Ashton Kutcher, Apptopia is on a mission to solve the app market. Our world-class data science team builds the machine learning models from which our global app download, revenue, and usage estimates are founded upon. Our focus is on making Apptopia’s estimates the most trusted in the industry and discovering new ways to harness our data to create value for our customers. In this talk we will discuss how Apptopia is using the Spark ecosystem of application to accurately estimate the nearly 200 billion data points on the daily activity of one of the fastest growing and important economies – the global app economy. This talk will have something for everyone. Scaling a engineering and data science team during rapid growth, modernizing technology that was hacked together quickly to receive funding and taking on huge market competitors with only grit, hustle, and a Spark cluster. Come find out how we are going to shine a light on the global app economy and become the most trusted source of app market data in the world.

About Johnathan Mercer

Johnathan Mercer is a former senior computationalist and technology lead at the Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard. He is now VP of analytics at Apptopia, a leading provider of market intelligence for the global app economy. Johnathan is also an advisor for Motion AI, a popular bot platform.