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Stratio Streaming: a new approach to Spark Streaming

Nowadays data-intensive processes and organizations of all sorts require the use of real-time data with increasing flexibility and complexity.

We created Stratio Streaming to meet this demand. Stratio Streaming is the union of a real-time messaging bus with a complex event processing engine using Spark Streaming. Thanks to this technology, Stratio Streaming allows the creation of streams and queries on the fly, sending massive data streams, building complex windows over the data or manipulating the streams in a simple way by using an SQL-like language. We selected the open source Siddhi CEP engine and Apache Kafka, a Real Time messaging bus to this end.

Stratio Streaming’s API masks the complexity of the system so that developers can work with live streams straightaway. The engine Stratio Streaming also offers built-in solution patterns which solve typical use cases and common problems related to streaming. Additionally, we have added global features to the engine such as auditing and statistics.

This talk will describe how Stratio Streaming has been designed, its main capabilities and how it can be used to manage a sensor grid in a live demo.

About Oscar Mendez

Oscar Mendez holds a BSc in Telecommunications Engineering and an MSc in Business Administration. Having had the opportunity to work in the US, UK, Germany and Spain, Oscar has been able to accrue extensive knowledge in the field of technology over the last two decades, always envisaging where technology was going next. From GE to Daimler Benz, and founding several IT companies like Paradigma Tecnológico and Stratio Big Data along the way,Oscar has helped develop some of the most cutting edge open source technology, being the founder of OSSIM, the most successful and globally used European product in its sector as well as the most widely used open source SIEM in the world, which has garnered AlienVault a revenue in excess of $500 mill. As a speaker, Oscar has been a guest at some of the main technological events in the past few years, delivering conferences at PC World Big Data, Spark Summit, Instituto Cervantes, and Cassandra Summit as well as various prestigious Universities and business schools, and founding Big Data Spain, currently on its fourth edition. In 2012, an emerging technology named Spark appeared in the Apache open source community. His idea of developing a product which could cover the current and upcoming challenges faced by the explosion of data was the seed that made Stratio a reality. A Spanish start-up with offices in Silicon Valley, the company has trebled its workforce in just two years, and was the first company to pass the requirements of becoming a certified distributor of Spark technology, joining an impressive roster with the likes of IBM, Oracle and Sap among few others.