Tuning and Monitoring Deep Learning on Apache Spark - Databricks

Tuning and Monitoring Deep Learning on Apache Spark

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Deep Learning on Apache Spark has the potential for huge impact in research and industry. This talk will describe best practices for building deep learning pipelines with Spark.
Rather than comparing deep learning systems or specific optimizations, this talk will focus on issues that are common to many deep learning frameworks when running on a Spark cluster: optimizing cluster setup and data ingest, tuning the cluster, and monitoring long-running jobs. We will demonstrate the techniques we cover using Google’s popular TensorFlow library.

More specifically, we will cover typical issues users encounter when integrating deep learning libraries with Spark clusters. Clusters can be configured to avoid task conflicts on GPUs and to allow using multiple GPUs per worker. Setting up pipelines for efficient data ingest improves job throughput. Interactive monitoring facilitates both the work of configuration and checking the stability of deep learning jobs.