Unleashing Data Intelligence with Intel and Apache Spark - Databricks

Unleashing Data Intelligence with Intel and Apache Spark

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Organizations are developing deep learning applications to derive new insights, identify new opportunities and uncover new efficiencies. However, deep learning application development often means tapping into multiple frameworks, libraries, and clusters—a complex, time-consuming, and costly effort. This keynote will discuss what the newly released BigDL (open source distributed deep learning framework for Apache Spark and Intel® Xeon® clusters) can offer to developers and what solutions Intel has enabled for customers and partners. In addition, plans for expanding BigDL ecosystem will also be highlighted.

About Michael Greene

Michael Greene is Intel Vice President and General Manager of the SystemTechnologies & Optimization of Intel’s Software and Services Group. Greene leads a worldwide organization responsible for a broad range of development, enabling, architecture analysis and optimization efforts including system firmware, virtual platforms, modeling and simulation solutions, power analysis, client/server and big data software stack optimizations for a “Best in Class” user experience. Greene joined Intel in 1990, after graduating from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and has managed several new product developments, research efforts, and engineering groups. He has served as Intel’s initiative owner for power efficiency, pre silicon software development, and has driven new technology benchmarking throughout his career. Michael is also the Marketing Vice President on the National GEM Consortium’s (GEM) Executive Committee. GEM is a national non-profit providing programming and full fellowships to support the number of under-represented individuals who pursue a master’s or doctorate degree in science or engineering.