Using Cascading to Build Data-centric Applications on Spark - Databricks

Using Cascading to Build Data-centric Applications on Spark

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“Cascading is a popular application development framework for building data-centric applications.

In this presentation, Concurrent, Inc.’s Supreet Oberoi will explain Cascading core concepts and use cases to ultimately show how to accelerate application development on Spark with Cascading. With Cascading, you can easily develop enterprise-class applications on Spark with the existing skills that you already know. Many companies have already standardized on Cascading, and related languages such as Scalding and Cascalog, to develop rich data analytics and data management applications.

Thinking about moving your app to Spark? Learn how to easily move your existing Cascading applications to Spark. This includes applications built with Scalding, Cascalog or any other Cascading dynamic programming language.

See real world examples of how companies are leveraging Cascading to build robust data-centric applications and find out how you can build them on Spark!”