Video Games at Scale: Improving the gaming experience with Apache Spark

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At Riot Games, we aspire to be the most player focused game company in the world. To support this effort we collect and analyze data. Petabytes and Petabytes of data. By adopting Spark, we have unlocked new ways of interacting with these data that traditional methods were unable to. In this presentation, we discuss how we use Spark and Databricks to augment our data analytics and data science programs. Specifically, we highlight how Spark has significantly decreased SQL query times when reading from our large HIVE data stores, providing a massively popular recommender system for our players, and using spark streaming to monitor the internet and alert when players experience a poor network connection.

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About Colin Borys

Colin is a data scientist embedded on the Riot Direct networking team, where he is currently developing tools to help keep the connection our players have to the game servers as stable and fast as possible. Colin's work since graduating with a PhD in Astrophysics from the University of British Columbia has blended data science and scalable computing to efficiently process massive amounts of data in real time.