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Virtualizing Analytics with Apache Spark

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In the race to invent multi-million dollar business opportunities with exclusive insights, data scientists and engineers are hampered by a multitude of challenges just to make one use case a reality – the need to ingest data from multiple sources, apply real-time analytics, build machine learning algorithms, and intermix different data processing models, all while navigating around their legacy data infrastructure that is just not up to the task. This need has created the demand for Virtual Analytics, where the complexities of disparate data and technology silos have been abstracted away, coupled with a powerful range of analytics and processing horsepower, all in one unified data platform. This talk describes how Databricks is powering this revolutionary new trend with Apache Spark.

About Arsalan Tavakoli

Prior to joining Databricks, Arsalan was an Associate Principal at McKinsey and Company, where he advised enterprises, vendors, and the public sector on a broad spectrum of strategic topics, including next-generation IT, cloud computing, and big initiatives as well as general IT and corporate strategy. Arsalan received a PhD in computer science from UC Berkeley in the area of Networking and Distributed Systems and a B.Eng from the University of Virginia.