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Building A Feature Factory

Building, managing, and maintaining thousands of features across thousands of models. Building features can be repetitive, tedious and extremely challenging to scale. We will explore the “Feature Factory” built at Databricks and implemented at several clients and the processes that are imperative for the democratization of feature development and deployment. The feature factory allows consumers to ensure repetitive feature creation, simplifies scoring and enables massive scalability through feature multiplication. Total Sales * Time * Payment_Method (categorical field) TotalSales_1m_creditcard TotalSales_1m_cash TotalSales_1m_loyaltyCard TotalSales_3m_creditcard

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About Daniel Tomes

Daniel Tomes leads the Resident Solutions Architect Practice at Databricks and is responsible for vertical integration, productization and strategic client growth. His big data journey began in 2014 at a major oil and gas company after which he moved to Cloudera for two years as a Solutions Architect and in 2017 join Databricks.