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Databricks Delta Lake and Its Benefits

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Delta Lake, an open-source innovations which brings new capabilities for transactions, version control and indexing your data lakes. We uncover how Delta Lake benefits and why it matters to you. Through this session, we showcase some of its benefits and how they can improve your modern data engineering pipelines. Delta lake provides snapshot isolation which helps concurrent read/write operations and enables efficient insert, update, deletes, and rollback capabilities. It allows background file optimization through compaction and z-order partitioning achieving better performance improvements. In this presentation, we will learn the Delta Lake benefits and how it solves common data lake challenges, and most importantly new Delta Time Travel capability. 

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About Nitin Raj Soundararajan

Cognizant Worldwide Limited

Nitin Raj Soundararajan is a technical consultant on artificial intelligence, big data and analytics, where he focuses on the deployment of AI and ML solutions to solve real business problems in multiple domain. Nitin Raj holds an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Engineering. He enjoys speaking at academic and industry conferences to share his knowledge and passion for AI, machine learning, and big data analytics. He is working in providing artificial intelligence and big data analytics solutions to utility and energy sector.

About Nagaraj Sengodan

HCL Technologies

Nagaraj Sengodan is a Senior Manager at HCL’s Data and Analytics group, focusing on Data engineering and data science capability. His current work involves building modern data warehouse in cloud and enable data as a service. He worked on data-intensive systems and generate actionable insights. In His recent project, he implemented unified data platform using Databrick delta to combine batch and realtime data stream. He earned his Computer Science Master’s degree from Alagappa University and Microsoft certified Solution Expert in Data and business intelligence track. He involved in many early adoption programs with Microsoft such as Data factory v2, Data lake gen 2, SQL vNext, etc.